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About me…

Hi, my name is Blaine J. Hoffmann. I have been in the occupational safety & health industry for over 25 years. I like to believe that I teach businesses how to keep their employees safe in an ever-changing and uncertain world, and I am always looking for new ways to do just that!

I have seen first-hand the results of not having effective safety management systems and poor safety culture on organizations and, more importantly, their people.

The Community…

I have made it my mission to teach others how to stay safe, use effective safety management tools, and to continue to improve their safety culture.
Join me as I share my experiences and help you manage workplace safety one episode at a time on The SafetyPro Podcast!

Let’s collaborate on current events within the safety industry. I want us to support each other, and share our thoughts, ideas and even resources confidentially within this group. Please consider becoming a member.

Members get access to exclusive content not available via the SafetyPro Podcast or other social media platforms! Join in discussions, live chats, consume video/audio content and more - all exclusive to this community. Join the Community TODAY!

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